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Build the Foundation.

The best tool for building strong, balanced athletic movement from the PROSTANTZ up.


Years of testing and development went into PROSTANTZ patented design. Small spikes along the bottom and slip resistant tape on top to give you a solid surface that's safe even when the area is wet. Durable to withstand different environments like non-metal cleats on the field, tennis shoes on the turf, or bare foot on the rug. PROSTANTZ will be there for you.

Why ProStantz

How does it work?

It doesn’t matter your level of expertise.
You always warm up with perfect mechanics.

ProStantz Golf
  • Boost confidence on the first try 

  • No more grabbing players to place their feet. Players walk right up to PROSTANTZ and have success. Building confidence fast and the learning begins.

  • Practice with perfect consistency 

  • To build strong fundamentals, you need a good foundation. Consistent repetition building better habits with PROSTANTZ in place

  • Build your foundation daily 

  • Start each practice the same way consistently with PROSTANTZ. Warm up with perfect reps to start every day.

  • Build your own Pro Stantz

  • PROSTANTZ helps making adjustments easier. Make small or big changes to find your sweet spot. Then come right back to it again and again.

    Ready. Stantz. Go!

    Choose from 3 packages

    Pick the right package for your foundation


    I purchased PROSTANTZ for my 5 year old son. He is about to start T-Ball and was off balance when trying to hit the ball. Using PROSTANTZ my son was able to keep his feet set so we could work on his hand placement and swing mechanics. I highly recommend PROSTANTZ as a valuable tool for any parent or coach who is teaching someone hitting mechanics.. 

    Lou Rosario - Illinois

    I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy and former minor league baseball player in the Dodgers Organization. I use PROSTANTZ with my son. It was an immediate change in his swing and how he attacked the ball. The skill acquisition required zero verbal cueing. Research shows that external visual cues and constraints lead to better coordinated movements and performance. PROSTANTZ is a (thumbs up emoji)  

    Ismael Gallo - California